cactus plates (12 st)

Artikelnr: 45-2916/160660

Superleuke papieren bordjes in de vorm van een cactus.

12 stuks

materiaal : papier 

Super cute paper plates in the shape of a cactus.

12 pieces

material: paper

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1 - 2 dagen

Decorating with houseplants and succulents is all the rage, so we’ve gone one step further and added them to our tableware!

What could be more on-trend than a cactus plate?

Neon print detail, and completely prickle-free, this 12 pack of cactus plates fit a variety of vibrant party themes

. The fun and simple illustration on the cactus plate brings a sense of style and cheer to your party decor, and lets you add a little personality to your tableware.

Pack of 12
Neon print detail
Size: 195mm x 250mm

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