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souza ride-on flamingo, 5-6 yrs / 110-116 cm

Item No.: 100885

This flamingo ride-on from Souza! is for all the little birds of paradise! A great addition to their wardrobe.

This pink flamingo ride-on has many beautiful features such as a plumage made of fluffy fabric, long legs and neck made of soft velvet, shiny wings made of bright pink lamé, golden crown and silver beak! What else do you want?
This costume is a ride-on costume; you get into the costume and ride away on the flamingo. To make it easier to get in, there is a Velcro closure on one side, so that you can also pull the costume over your head. The costume has adjustable shoulder straps, and the reins have child-safe Velcro closures, so you can’t get caught on anything dangerous. The whole is EU-checked for child safety.

Age: 4-6 years
Size: 110-116
Material: polyester
Hand wash only2


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